About posing as we release the solemn statement of the false recruiting information

    Recently, some outlaws pretend we see farce "Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Technology co., LTD." the name of (or its affiliates), by telephone, SMS, sites or other channels to release false recruiting information, cheating applicants to the address of the company for an interview and training. Now the company solemn statement is as follows:

    1. Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Technology co., LTD. Recruitment information, all through the company's official website or other formal channels (such as 51, at, etc.), not outside in addition to the above any other media to release any information about the company's recruitment, never entrust any third party in the name of our company for recruiting, please candidates do not believe it. All will be through our recruitment notice specifying the unity of fixed telephone inform applicants, please the general job seekers never trust through mobile phone, SMS or other instant messaging tool published interview, training, and offer

    2. We never asked applicant to in addition to our company interview, training, address any other parts of the interview or training, more not ask applicants to pay any form of deposit, deposit and other expenses.

    3. Enthusiastic applicants according to information provided, we have some criminals posing as our false alarm processing behavior. We will release its recruitment information through legal means to pursue pretend we any enterprise or individual legal responsibility, at the same time remind all job seekers in receiving attention, refer to the recruitment information authenticity, beware deceived. In case of criminals committing are implementing or fraud, fraud, etc, please with our company and the relevant law enforcement departments in a timely manner.

    Have any questions, please call us. Not to verify our company recruitment information and cause all the consequences has nothing to do with our company.

    Our company contact information:

    Depending on the source name: Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Technology co., LTD

    Address: guangzhou science city bead YunBu industrial park road no. 192 / guangzhou YunBu 4 road no. 6 / Huangpu District, Guangzhou, P.R.China

    Contact number:400-186-2505

    Official website: